Friday, March 9, 2012

Game Project

Your second project is an original game, which can be based on the fairy or folk tale you've been working with for your interactive fiction project, or something new.

Make a game with one of the recommended programs, such as GameSaladStencyl, Scratch, or one of the others on the lists of resources.  You could use your fairy tale as a basis, or take an element from one of the games we played in class as a starting point (but you cannot make a GameSalad version of the board game).  Consider the formal and dramatic game elements and system dynamics covered in the chapters 3,4, & 5 of the Game Design Workshop as you design your game (every game will not include every possible element).  
Your goal is to make a playable game.  
Your project will also have a written component in which you connect theory and practice.  In the first paragraph, state the "X" of your game.  Then in the rest of the 1-2 well-written pages, focus on analysis (posing and answering how and why questions, and considering the signficance or greater meaning, rather than describing or summarizing), and discuss how your game illustrates or confounds (or however it relates to) at least one concept from one of the readings. Suggestion: Discuss your game in terms of Roger Caillois's categories of games, and also consider agency as the third axis, like in my 3D model that revises Caillois's chart.  Where would your game belong on the play rubric?  Why and what is the significance of its position there?

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