Monday, February 27, 2012

Game Playing and Design

You've analyzed a game for your assignment for this week, and we're playing board and table top games in class so we can analyze them for system dynamics. This is the beginning of the unit that will culminate with the game you make for Project 2, so at each point, be thinking about what choices you want to make in the game you design and create.

Your mission for Thursday: with your group, test out GameSalad and Stencyl. Discover and discuss the merits and limitations of both. Individually, decide which program you want to use, or if your search is not yet over and you want to explore other options, like Unity 3D, try using JourneyMaker, Flash (if you already know it), or . . . . If you are not going to use GameSalad or Stencyl, send me an email about what you are planning.

For next week, using the process described in ch. 6 as a basis, brainstorm your basic idea for your game. Be able to articulate your X.

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